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The University of Sydney Foundation Program has been specifically developed to prepare international students for entry into undergraduate courses at the University of Sydney and at other universities around Australia. The course is taught exclusively by Taylors College on behalf on the University.

Following successful completion of Foundation Program at Taylors College Sydney, located in Bourke Street, Waterloo and about 10 minutes' ride away from the University of Sydney, students will transfer to the University for undergraduates courses.

The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is Australia's oldest university founded in 1850. It is world renowned for its long tradition of academic excellence and the quality of its teaching. With its international reputation for producing graduates who are leaders in Medicine, Law, Agriculture, Engineering, Science, Architecture, Music, Education and many other professions, the University attracts students and staff from around the world.

The University is famous for its beautiful main campus, situated in the heart of multicultural Sydney, the nation's commercial capital and host city for the 2000 Olympic Games. The mix of heritage and modern buildings, the proximity to a vibrant city life, and Sydney's spectacular harbour, provides a unique learning and social environment. With nearly 40, 000 students, teaching is spread over manu sites, including separate campuses for Health Sciences, Visual Arts and the Elite NSW Conservation of Music.

The University has a comprehensive range of facilities, such as students clubs, sporting facilities, banks, post offices, bookshops, travel agents, chemists, health and counseling centres and a support centre for international students. All students enrolled in the University of Sydney Foundation Program have access to a wide range of university facilities stated above.

Why Choose Taylors College Foundation for the University of Sydney?

A Guaranteed Pathway to the University of Sydney

The University of Sydney Foundation Program has been designed by academic staff from the University of Sydney in consultation with academic staff from Taylors College. Teaching content and method are designed to prepare students, from a variety educational backgrounds, for their chosen undergraduate field.

Students who attain the specified English language and academic scores pre-determined by the University, are guaranteed a place in their undergraduate program of choice at the University of Sydney.

Skilled Academic Staff

Academic staff from Taylors College Sydney are all dedicated, experience and skilled in working with international students.

Australian Lifestyle

The University of Sydney Foundation Program provides students a strong foundation in the social and cultural skills required to live and study in Australia.

Extensive Academic Support

Apart from regular classes, students have access to free, small-group tutorial support and can seek individual consultation with academic staff. Learning process may be helped with printed study guides.

Extensive Student Support Services

A range of support services is available including airport pick up, assistance with accommodation, personal and career counseling and on-campus health care.


One full (or two half) scholarships are offered to outstanding graduates at the completion of each intake.


Two formats of the University of Sydney Foundation Program:

  • 59-week Extended Program commencing in Feb and August
  • 40-week Standard Program commencing in January and September.
  • 30-week Accelerated Program commencing in April. This program is particularly designed for students with a high level English Language proficiency and superior academic results.

USFP Program comparison

The table below allows you to compare the 3 programs (Standard (40 weeks), Intensive (30 weeks) and Extended (59 weeks)) by seeing what subjects are offered and the cost.
Intake Min IELTS score Start date Finish date Subjects Cost AUD$
Jan 2016 Standard 40 weeks 5.5 02 Feb 2016 16 Dec 2016 16 subject units - see sample timetable $30,000
Feb 2016 Extended 59 weeks 5.0 08 Feb 2016 30 Jun 2017 English plus 5 other subjects - see subject list $40,995
Apr 2016 Intensive 30 weeks 6.0 26 Apr 2016 16 Dec 2016 16 subject units - see sample timetable $30,000
Jul 2016 Standard 40 weeks 5.5 18 Jul 2016 30 Jun 2017 16 subject units - see sample timetable $30,000
Aug 2016 Extended 59 weeks 5.0 08 Aug 2016 15 Dec 2017 English plus 5 other subjects - see subject list $40,995
Oct 2016 Intensive 30 weeks 6.0 10 Oct 2016

30 Jun 2017

16 subject units - see sample timetable $30,000


 Program Structure

Students are required to complete 25 credits by undertaking all compulsory subjects, and choosing up to 3 elective subjects. In addition, all students are required to take IT/Study and Life Skills for one hour per week.

Teaching Methods and Learning References

The University of Sydney Foundation Program prepares students for their university degree through a variety of teaching methods including lectures, group work and presentations. Subjects are supported by reference texts, study guides and software packages. Students will be provided a booklist prior to the commencement of the course.

The University of Sydney Foundation Program Assessment

Academic staff carefully monitor student achievement and give regular feedback on their progress through the program. Assessment comprises a mixture of coursework, tests and examinations. Final assessment takes into account coursework grades and examination results.

Assessment of Academic Subjects

Subject assessed is grade on a 10-point scale. An average score is calculated across all subjects except English Language. The IT/Study Life Skills courses are compulsory and non-assessable programs for all students.

Assessment of English Language

English Language proficiency is assessed within the University of Sydney Foundation Program and each student is awarded a grade from A to F. "C" grade is required for entry to The University of Sydney, which is equivalent to IELTS 6.5 / TOEFL 575 (TWE 4.5) paper based / TOEFL 233 (easy Rating 4.5) computer based.

The University of Sydney Foundation Program Stream and Electives

Students are required to choose their preferred stream and electives upon application for admission.

A summary of the compulsory subjects for each stream and possible electives is given below:

Stream Compulsory Subjects Elective Subjects
Science/ Engineering/ Health Science

English for Science


IT/Study Life Skills





Foundations of Social Sciences

Australian Studies

Government, Law and 


Media Studies and Communication

Mathematics (General)


Economics/ Commerce English for Humanities


IT/Study Life Skills
Arts/ Media English for Humanities

Australian Studies and Research Project

IT/Study Life Skills
Visual Art and Design English for Humanities

Foundations of Visual Art and Design

Australian Studies and Research Project

IT/Study Life Skills
Music (Music students have time and credit allowed for individual practice) English for Humanities

Music Theory

Music Performance

Australian Studies and Research Project

IT/Study Life Skills

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Study at Uni of Sydney Fdn - Taylors College 

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Australia is a continent situated between the Indian and Pacific Ocean. It is a land endowed with mountain ranges, vast grazing plains, tropical forests, barren deserts, golden and sandy beaches, treacherous rocks and coral reefs. Australia's spectacular natural environment attracts millions of tourists every year.

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