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Australia is a continent situated between the Indian and Pacific Ocean. It is a land endowed with mountain ranges, vast grazing plains, tropical forests, barren deserts, golden and sandy beaches, treacherous rocks and coral reefs. Australia's spectacular natural environment attracts millions of tourists every year.

Multicultural Australia

Australia is a safe, friendly, sophisticated and harmonious society in which students can learn and travel in an English speaking country. Australia has a population of about 20,000,000 with more than 100 ethnic groups, making Australia one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. Australia is rich in arts and is proud of its diverse cultural heritage. Australians value the wealth of cultural richness and human rights. The welfare system in Australia is one of the best in the world. Therefore, it has been a popular destination for migration. With a great need of foreign talents in all industries, the Australian Government generally welcomes graduates of Australian Universities to seek employment and permanent residency in the country.

Australian Universities

Australian universities have a great deal to offer to international students. With a proud tradition of teaching international students at all levels and an impressive record of achieving educational and academic excellence on the world stage, Australian universities have been favorable choices among students for further studies. Australia is part of the Commonwealth and its academic qualifications are generally recognized in most Commonwealth countries.

There are 39 universities in Australia, many of which are renowned in the world. Many Australian universities concentrate on traditional area of learning and inquiry, while others are more vocational and applied in focus. Australian universities provide a challenging, exciting, in innovative and yet traditional academic life.

Why Study In Australia

As a thriving country with fascinating developments and social, cultural and intellectual endeavors, Australia has lots to offer to international students.

  • Quality education and training. 
  • Flexible and innovative approaches to education. 
  • Closer to Singapore. 
  • Rich and diverse cultures and arts. 
  • World class infrastructure. 
  • Promising Career Prospect. 
  • Good living environment. 
  • Spectacular natural environment. 
  • Modern transport system and telecommunications. 
  • Opportunity to work while studying. 
  • Opportunity to seek employment in Australia after graduation. 
  • Opportunity to obtain Permanent Residency.

Education System

Every state in Australia has its own Educational System. Most of them follow the timeframe below.

  • Pre-school: 1 - 2 years
  • Primary: 6 years
  • Secondary: 6 years
  • University (Degree): 3 - 4 years

Budget Expenses

Costs in Australia Australia offers international students excellent value and high quality education at very competitive costs. A student will need between A$12,000 to A$ 16,000 a year for living expenses. This will cover accommodation, food and transport. Living costs vary according to where and how one lives. The costs of studying and living in Australia is comparable to the the UK or the USA. 
Costs of an Australian Business Degree (Per annum for guidance purpose only)

  • Tuition A$22-34,000
  • Living Expenses A$18-24,000
  • Cost Per Annum A$40,000~A$58,000

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