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Courses Available

Education & Training

  • Adult Literacy, Language And Numeracy MA
  • Advanced Educational Practice MA
  • Advanced Educational Practice Programme MA
  • Art And Design In Education MA
  • Art and Design PGCE
  • Bachelor Of Education Honours Degree (top-up Programme) BEd
  • Bilingual Learners In Urban Educational Settings MA
  • Bilingual Learners MA
  • Business and Economics Education PGCE
  • Business Education MA
  • Child Development MA/MSc
  • Child Development MSc
  • Citizenship PGCE
  • Clinical Education MA
  • Comparative Education MA
  • Computer Science with ICT PGCE
  • Curriculum, Pedagogy And Assessment MA
  • Development Education MA
  • Developmental and Educational Psychology MSc
  • Early Years Education MA
  • Economics Of Education MA
  • Education (Citizenship / History / Religious Education) MA
  • Education (Citizenship, History And Religious Education) MA
  • Education (Psychology) MA
  • Education And International Development MA
  • Education And Technology In Clinical Practice MA
  • Education and Technology MA
  • Education Honours Degree (top-up Programme) BA
  • Education MA
  • Education, Gender And International Development MA
  • Education, Health Promotion And International Development MA
  • Educational Assessment MA
  • Educational Leadership (International) MBA
  • Educational Neuroscience MA/MSc
  • Educational Planning, Economics And International Development MA
  • Effective Learning and Teaching MA
  • Effective Learning MA
  • English Education MA
  • English PGCE
  • English with Drama PGCE
  • English, Globalization and Language Policy MA
  • Foundation Degree In Working With Children: Education And Well-Being
  • Foundation Degree: Professional Practice In The Lifelong Learning Sector
  • Geography Education MA
  • Geography PGCE
  • Higher And Professional Education MA
  • Higher Education Management MBA
  • History Of Education MA
  • History PGCE
  • Inclusive Education MA
  • Information And Communications Technology (ICT) In Education MA
  • Inspection and Regulation MA
  • Joint Professional Practice: Language And Communication MSc
  • Leadership MA
  • Learning Technologies MSc
  • Lifelong Learning (Singapore) MA
  • Lifelong Learning MA
  • Literacy and ESOL PGCE / Professional Certificate in Education (PT)
  • Literacy Learning And Literacy Difficulties (academic Route) MA
  • Literacy Learning And Literacy Difficulties (professional Route) MA
  • Literacy Learning and Literacy Difficulties MA
  • Master Of Teaching (MTeach)
  • Master Of Teaching (MTeach) In The Post-Compulsory Sector
  • Mathematics Education MA
  • Mathematics PGCE
  • Media, Culture And Communication MA
  • Media, Culture and Education MA
  • Modern Languages PGCE
  • Museums And Galleries In Education MA
  • Music Education MA
  • Music PGCE
  • Philosophy Of Education MA
  • Physics with Mathematics PGCE
  • Policy Studies In Education MA
  • Post-Compulsory PGCE: In-service
  • Post-Compulsory PGCE: Mathematics with Numeracy
  • Post-Compulsory PGCE: Pre-service
  • Primary (Specialist Mathematics Full Time) PGCE
  • Primary Education (Policy And Practice) MA
  • Primary PGCE (full-time Route)
  • Primary PGCE (part-time Route)
  • Psychology Of Education MA/MSc
  • Psychology of Education MSc
  • Psychosocial Studies And Education MA
  • Reading Recovery and Literacy Leadership MA
  • Religious Education PGCE
  • Science Education MA
  • Science PGCE
  • Science: Physics with Mathematics PGCE
  • Social Justice And Education MA
  • Social Pedagogy: Working With Children And Young People In Or On The Edge Of Care MA
  • Social Science PGCE
  • Sociology Of Childhood And Childrens Rights MA
  • Sociology of Childhood and Children's Rights MA
  • Sociology Of Education MA
  • Special and Inclusive Education MA / MSc
  • Special And Inclusive Education MA/MSc
  • Specific Learning Difficulties (dyslexia) MA
  • Teaching and Learning (MTL)
  • Teaching And Learning In Higher And Professional Education MA
  • Teaching Of English To Speakers Of Other Languages (TESOL) MA
  • TESOL (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages) (Distance Learning) MA
  • TESOL (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages) MA
  • World Englishes MA

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