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Cardiff University



Cardiff University is the best ranked university in Wales, and was founded in the capital city of Cardiff in 1883. It is one of the most creative, aspiring and thriving universities in the United Kingdom.

Cardiff University attracts students from more than 100 countries and considerable research funding from various sources. In addition, Cardiff University was ranked 7th out of 106 UK universities in the Research Assessment Exercise 2001. Popular courses in Cardiff include Optometry, Architecture, Engineeering, Business and Media & Communication.

Cardiff University is internationally recognised as being among the very top level of Britain's research intensive universities and is a member of the notable Russell Group.

The City of Cardiff

Cardiff is the capital city of Wales. A energetic and bustling modern city, it is regarded as 'one of the cheapest and safest cities in the UK' (Sunday Times University Guide 2011).

Cardiff University is set in Cardiff's splendid civic centre. Surrounding the campus are awe-inspiring Portland stone buildings, parks and broad tree-lined avenues.

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Cardiff is an fantastic location to study in. It is a small, welcoming and affordable city with the social and leisure characteristics of a dynamic capital city.

Cardiff is a very convenient city with superb road, rail and air transport. London can be accessed in two hours via high-speed train. Cardiff has its own international airport; other available airports are the Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

Cardiff is served directly by the M4 motorway and has swift access to the rest of the UK and Europe.

 Why Choose Cardiff University?

    • Research-Led University

Cardiff University provides outstanding teaching and exceptional research and is a member of Britain's notable Russell Group of Research Universities (20 top UK Universities).

    • Affordable Living

The Guardian newspaper declared Cardiff as one of the most affordable cities in the UK. Cardiff has also been praised by the British Tourist Authority (BTA) as the most affordable capital city out of 16 capital cities in the world.

    • City-Based Campus

Cardiff University is located in the pleasant modern city of Cardiff. Students studying in Cardiff University can immerse themselves in all that the capital city has to offer.

    • Academic Achievements

The Times Higher has rated the Civil Engineering course at Cardiff University as one of the top two courses in the UK over the last five years and The Guardian has ranked Cardiff University's Mechanical Engineering as top in 2006 and 2007. Cardiff University is also listed among the six universities that form the prestigious Power Academy.

Cardiff University's Ranking

Information extracted from
Information extracted from
Subject Area
Subject Area
Architecture 5 Architecture
Accounting and Finance 13 Archaeology 13 
Archaeology 22 Building and Town and Country planning 11 
Biological Sciences 26 BioSciences 25
Business Studies 7 Civil Engineering 16 
Civil Engineering 5 Chemistry 27
Computer Science 32 Electrical and Electronic Engineering 13
Communication and Media Studies 5 Mechanical Engineering 11
Education 22 Nursing 29 
Electrical and Electronic Engineering 27 Pharmacology and Pharmacy 9
Economics 24 Politics 26
General Engineering 8 Psychology 26
Geography and Environmental Sciences 3 Sociology 15
Law 16    
Mechanical Engineering 12    
Music 26    
Nursing 10    
Pharmacology and Pharmacy 7    
Politics 21    
Psychology 12    
Sociology 36    
Overall 27    

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Cardiff University 

Courses Available


  • MA Architecture: Professional Studies
  • MSc Architecture: Environmental Design of Buildings
  • MSc Architecture: Sustainable Design


  • Journalism, Film & Broadcasting
  • Music
  • Physics and Music

Arts & Design

  • MA Musicology


  • BSc Accounting
  • BSC Econ Accounting and Economics
  • BSc Econ Accounting and Management
  • BSc Econ Banking and Finance
  • BSc Econ Business Economics
  • Business Administration
  • Business Administration and Transport Management
  • Business Economics and Transport Management
  • DBA Business Administration
  • International Accounting (4 years)
  • International Business Administration (4 years)
  • MBA
  • MBA Business Administration
  • MSc International Economics, Banking and Finance


  • Sociology and Education

Education & Training

  • BSc Econ Education
  • BSc Econ Education and Criminology
  • BSc Econ Education and Social Policy
  • Lifelong Learning
  • PGCE (Further Education)
  • PGCE Further Education
  • PGCEFE Education


  • BEng/MEng Architectural Engineering
  • BEng/MEng Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • BEng/MEng Civil Engineering
  • BEng/MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • BEng/MEng Environmental Engineering
  • Computer Systems Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Engineering Physics
  • Integrated Engineering
  • Integrated Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Medical Engineering


  • BSc Applied Psychology
  • BSc Applied Psychology (4 years)
  • Dip Psychological Medicine
  • MPH/Dip Public Health
  • PGCert Medical Illustration
  • PGDip Palliative Medicine (includes a paedriatic option)
  • Physiology and Psychology
  • Psychology
  • Psychology and Criminology
  • Qualifying Diploma Psychology


  • BA Ancient and Medieval History
  • BA Ancient History
  • BA English Language Studies
  • BA English Literature
  • Geography (Human) and Planning
  • History
  • History and Welsh History
  • History of Ideas and Philosophy
  • International Economics (4 years)
  • International Economics and Public Policy
  • MA Ancient History
  • MA English Literature
  • MA History
  • MA History and Archaeology of the Greek and Roman World
  • MA History of Philosophy
  • MA International Public Relations
  • MA Music, Culture and Politics
  • MA Teaching and Practice of Creative Writing
  • MA Welsh History
  • Marine Geography
  • Modern History and Politics
  • Politics
  • Politics and Economics
  • Politics and Sociology
  • Politics/Religious Studies
  • Politics/Social Philosophy & Applied Ethics

Information Technology

  • BSc Computing and Mathematics
  • Computing and Physics


  • Law
  • Law and Criminology
  • Law and Politics
  • Law and Sociology
  • LLB Law and Welsh
  • LLM Canon Law
  • LLM Commercial Law
  • LLM European Legal Studies
  • LLM Legal Aspects of Marine Affairs
  • LLM Legal Aspects of Medical Practice
  • PGDip Legal Practice Course
  • Social Policy and Criminology
  • Sociology and Criminology

Media & Communication

  • PGDip Public and Media Relations

Occupational Therapy

  • MSc/PGDip Occupational Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy BSc (Hons)


  • BA/BSc Archaeology
  • BEng/MEng Architectural Studies
  • BSc City and Regional Planning
  • BSc Ecology and Environmental Management
  • BSc Econ Economics
  • BSc Econ Economics and Management Studies
  • Cert Clinical Competence in Mammography
  • Communication
  • Conservation of Objects in Museums and Archaeology
  • Continuing Education for Optometrists and Physicians
  • Continuing Professional Development for Optometrists and Physicians
  • Cultural Criticism
  • Education, MTh Chaplaincy Studies
  • European Union Studies (4 years)
  • Exploration Geology
  • Foundation Year
  • French (4 years)
  • Genetics
  • Geology
  • German (4 years)
  • Italian (4 years)
  • Japanese/Spanish
  • Language and Communication
  • Language Studies
  • MA Analytic and Modern European Philosophy
  • MA Archaeology
  • MA Critical and Cultural Theory
  • MA Cymraeg
  • MA Early Celtic Studies
  • MA Ethics and Social Philosophy
  • MA European Neolithic
  • MA European Studies
  • MA Forensic Linguistics
  • MA International Journalism
  • MA Journalism Studies
  • MA Literature in European Cultures
  • MA Medieval British Studies
  • MA Performance Studies
  • MA Political Communication
  • MA Religious Studies
  • MA Social Work
  • MA Urban Design
  • MA Welsh
  • MA Welsh Ethnological Studies
  • MA/Dip Applied Linguistics
  • MA/Dip Language and Communication Research
  • Medieval Studies
  • MMus Composition
  • MTh Theology
  • Optometry
  • PGCert Palliative Care
  • PGDip Bar Vocational Course
  • PGDip Dental Studies
  • PGDip Journalism Studies
  • PGDip Mathematical Studies
  • PGDip Port and Shipping Administration
  • PGDip Practical Dermatology
  • Pharmacology
  • Pharmacy
  • Philosophy
  • Physiology
  • Religious Studies/Social Philosophy & Applied Ethics
  • Religious Studies/Sociology
  • Social Philosophy & Applied Ethics/Sociology
  • Social Policy
  • Sociology
  • Sociology and Economics
  • Sociology and Industrial Relations
  • Sociology and Social Policy
  • Spanish (4 years)
  • Spanish/Welsh
  • Theology
  • Zoology


  • MSc Manipulative Physiotherapy
  • MSc/PGDip/PGCert Sports Physiotherapy
  • PGCert Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy
  • PGCert Respiratory Physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy (MSc/PGDip)


  • Anatomical Science
  • Biotechnology
  • BSc Applied Biology
  • BSc Biochemistry
  • BSc Biochemistry with Medical Biochemistry
  • BSc Biochemistry with Molecular Biology
  • BSc Biology
  • BSc Computer Science
  • BSc Earth Sciences
  • BSc/MChem Chemistry
  • BSc/MESci Environmental Geoscience
  • Chemistry and Physics
  • Chemistry with Bioscience
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics and its Applications
  • Mathematics, Operational Research & Statistics
  • MChem Chemistry with Industrial Experience
  • Medical Molecular Biology
  • Microbiology
  • MPH/Dip Public Policy
  • MPhys Astrophysics
  • MSc Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine
  • MSc Applied Environmental Geology
  • MSc Biomedical Sciences with Medical Microbiology & Infection
  • MSc Care of Collections
  • MSc Child Health
  • MSc Civil Engineering
  • MSc Clinical Engineering
  • MSc Comparative Political Economy
  • MSc Computing
  • MSc Conservation
  • MSc Dermatology
  • MSc Education
  • MSc Educational Psychology
  • MSc Electronic Engineering
  • MSc Equality and Diversity
  • MSc Financial Economics
  • MSc Forensic Dentistry
  • MSc Genetic Counselling
  • MSc Geoenvironmental Engineering
  • MSc Housing
  • MSc Human Resource Management
  • MSc Information Systems Engineering
  • MSc International Planning and Development
  • MSc International Transport
  • MSc Lean Operations
  • MSc Marine Policy
  • MSc Molecular Modelling
  • MSc Occupational Psychology
  • MSc Orthodontics
  • MSc Orthopaedic Engineering
  • MSc Palliative Medicine
  • MSc Planning Practice and Research
  • MSc Psychiatry
  • MSc Regeneration Studies
  • MSc Reproduction and Health
  • MSc Social Science Research Methods
  • MSc Social Studies of Science and the Environment
  • MSc Strategic Marketing
  • MSc Structural Engineering
  • MSc Sustainability, Planning and Environmental Policy
  • MSc Systems Engineering with IT Applications
  • MSc Transport and Planning
  • MSc Water Engineering
  • MSc/Dip Advanced Social Work
  • MSc/Dip Clinical Pharmacy
  • MSc/Dip Clinical Research
  • MSc/Dip Community Pharmacy
  • MSc/Dip Evidence-Based Research and Applications
  • MSc/Dip Health, Medicine and Societies
  • MSc/Dip Occupational Health (Policy and Practice)
  • MSc/Dip Preventive Healthcare Administration for Developing Countries
  • MSc/Dip Supported Employment
  • MSc/Dip/Cert Ageing, Health and Disease
  • MSc/Dip/Cert Bioinformatics
  • MSc/Dip/Cert Genetic Epidemiology and Bioinformatics
  • MSc/PGDip Advanced Surgical and Perioperative Care
  • MSc/PGDip Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • MSc/PGDip Critical Care
  • MSc/PGDip Medical Education
  • MSc/PgDip Nursing Studies
  • MSc/PGDip Organising High Quality Staffed Housing
  • MSc/PGDip Positive Approaches to Challenging Behaviour
  • MSc/PGDip Primary Care
  • MSc/PGDip Radiography
  • MSc/PGDip Sports and Exercise Medicine
  • MSc/PGDip Therapeutics
  • MSc/PGDip Wound Healing and Tissue Repair
  • MSc/PgDip/Cert Medical Toxicology
  • MSc/PGDip/PGCert Health Services Management
  • MSc/PGDip/PGCert Medical Education by Distance Learning
  • MSc/PGDip/PGCert Obstetric and Gynaecological Ultrasound
  • MSc/PGDip/PGCert Pain Management
  • MScEcon International Relations
  • MScEcon Political Theory
  • MScEcon Welsh Politics and Government
  • Neuroscience
  • PGCert Professional Practice in Neurosciences
  • PGDip Dermatological Sciences
  • Physics
  • Physics and Mathematics
  • Physics with Astronomy
  • Physics with Medical Physics
  • Pure Mathematics
  • Theoretical and Computational Physics


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UK Education offers independent thinking, give you the freedom to develop your ideas, make discoveries and develop real skills that employers are looking for. UK has produced more than 100 Nobel Prize winners, a testimonial that UK graduates are at the forefront of the creative and research industries  With many renowned ancient Universities such Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh, UK is one of the most popular destination for further education for students all over the world.

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