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Newcastle University



Newcastle University is one of the Founding member of Russell Group of Universities. The University is in the forefront of research in many areas such as Marine Engineering, Architecture, Biomedical and many others. The University is consistently ranked in the Top 25 Unis in the UK and 18th in the latest ranking.  

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The City of Newcastle

Newcastle has a varied and progressive past, and is now a thriving cosmopolitan city. Examples of its heritage and culture can be found throughout the city and region.

Newcastle is a fantastic city to live and study in - it's a great place to be.

It's a place filled with stylish boutiques and shops, bistro-bars and enterprise, with a lively nightlife, sports and cultures. It has parks that offer a more laid-back feel, and also hosts events such as the ' Newcastle Hoppings ' - Europe's biggest traveling fair.



Newcastle has rapid access to the rest of the UK and Europe:

  • An international airport on the northern edge of the city provides links to most European capital cities 
  • Fast rail connections to London (2 hours 45 minutes) and Edinburgh (1 hour 20 minutes) 
  • A bus coach station
  • Ferry services from nearby North Shields to Holland, Germany and Scandinavia

Why Choose Newcastle University?

  • First-class teaching and excellent research, ranking among UK's top 20 universities 
  • Wide array of Degree courses including Combined degrees
  • Popular with Singapore students, many Singapore graduates since the 70's
  • Outstanding and affordable student life 
  • Excellent teaching, research, sports and leisure facilities

Newcastle University's Ranking

Information extracted from 
Information extracted from 
Subject Area
Subject Area
Architecture 7 Architecture 6
Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering 6 Archaeology 22
Accounting and Finance 15 Building and Town and Country planning  6
Archaeology 13 BioSciences 26 
Art and Design 4 Civil Engineering 14
Biological Sciences 25 Chemical Engineering 3
Business Studies 19 Computer Sciences and IT  21
Civil Engineering 8 Communication, Media Studies and Librarianship 7
Chemical Engineering 13 Electrical and Electronic Engineering 24
Computer Science 17 Geography and Environmental Sciences 29
Electrical and Electronic Engineering 17 Law
Economics 29 Mechanical Engineering 7
Food Science 11 Music  12 
Geography and Environmental Sciences 20 Psychology 24 
Law 13    
Mechanical Engineering 16    
Music 13    
Pharmacology and Pharmacy 16    
Politics 14    
Psychology 14    
Sociology 19    
Overall 22    


INTO Newcastle University

INTO Newcastle University delivers a wide range of Foundation and Diploma courses that give you the academic and English language skills you need to progress to degrees at Newcastle University. All courses are taught by qualified and highly experienced professionals.


Study experience

INTO Newcastle University is based in a modern study centre in the heart of the Newcastle University city centre campus. As well as enjoying the facilities at the INTO Study Centre, you will also have access to a wide range of resources at the University. This includes:

  • academic facilities like our libraries and Language Resource Centre
  • social facilities like the Students' Union and the Sports Centre
  • computing facilities
  • support and wellbeing services


Foundation Programmes

Successful completion of the foundation program will lead to 1st year of an undergraduate degree at Newcastle University. Typically, O and A levels student can apply to join the Foundation course. The foundation courses available are

Int'l Foundation in Architecture Int'l Foundation in Business and Management
Int'l Foundation in Humanities and Social Sciences Int'l Foundation in Physical Sciences and Engineering
Int'l Foundation in Biological and Biomedical Sciences  


Diploma in Business Courses

INTO Newcastle offer International Diploma in Business for business and marketing students is suitable for A levels or Diploma students from Singapore requiring additional academic support prior to progression to Year 2 of a select number of degrees offered by Newcastle University Business School.

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Newcastle University (Students from Singapore)

Courses Available


  • BSc Honours Accounting and Statistics (NG43)


  • BA Honours Architectural Studies (K100)
  • Bachelor of (BArch) Architecture
  • INTO Foundation in Architecture
  • MA Architecture and Planning Studies
  • MSc Architecture
  • MSc Digital Architecture

Arts & Design

  • BA Honours Chinese/Japanese and Cultural Studies (TT41)
  • BA Honours Classical Studies and English (QQ83)
  • BA Honours English Language (Q302)
  • BA Honours English Language and Literature (Q300)
  • BA Honours English Literature (Q306)
  • BA Honours Fine Art (E100)/(W150)
  • BA Honours Media, Communication and Cultural Studies (PQL0)
  • BA Honours/BMus Honours Music (W300)/(W304)
  • MA Cross-Cultural Communication and Media Studies
  • MA English Language and Linguistics
  • MA Media and Public Relations
  • MFA Fine Art

Biological/Biomedical Science & Biotechnology

  • INTO Foundation in Biological and Biomedical Sciences


  • BA Honours Accounting and Finance (N400)
  • BA Honours Business Accounting and Finance (NN14)
  • BA Honours Business Management (N200)
  • BA Honours Economics and Business Management (LN12)
  • BA Honours Financial and Business Economics (L161)
  • BA Honours French and Business Studies (RN11)
  • BA Honours German and Business Studies (RN21)
  • BA Honours Marketing and Management (NN52)
  • BA Honours Spanish and Business Studies (RN41)
  • BSc Honours Agri-Business Management (N280)
  • BSc Honours Farm Business Management (D402)
  • BSc Honours Information Systems with Business Studies (G5N1)
  • DBA Doctor of Business Administration
  • INTO Diploma in Business
  • INTO Foundation in Business and Management
  • MA Cross-Cultural Communication and International Marketing
  • MA International Business Management
  • MBA Master of Business Administration
  • MSc and Diploma Transport and Business Management
  • MSc E-Business and Information Systems
  • MSc International Economics and Finance


  • BA Honours Economics (L100)

Education & Training

  • Doctorate in DEdPsy Educational Psychology
  • MA and Diploma Heritage Education and Interpretation
  • MA Cross-Cultural Communication and Education
  • MA Education Research
  • MClinEd, Postgraduate Diploma, Postgraduate Certificate Clinical Education
  • MEd Education Master
  • MEd Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) - Primary (with Qualified Teacher Status QTS);
  • MEd Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) - Secondary (with Qualified Teacher Status QTS);
  • Postgraduate Diploma Advanced Educational Studies


  • BEng Honours/ MEng Honours Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Foundation Year (H604)/(H606)
  • BEng Honours/ MEng Honours Engineering with Foundation Year (H101)/(H103)
  • BEng Honours/ MEng Honours Marine Technology with Foundation Year (J615)/(J616)
  • BEng Honours/MEng Honours Civil and Structural Engineering (H210)/(H242)
  • BEng Honours/MEng Honours Mechanical Engineering with Foundation Year (H304)/(H305)
  • BEng Honours/MEng Honours Chemical Engineering (H810)/(H813)
  • BEng Honours/MEng Honours Chemical Engineering with Foundation Year (H814) /(H816)
  • BEng Honours/MEng Honours Civil Engineering (H200)/(H290)
  • BEng Honours/MEng Honours Civil Engineering with Foundation Year (H201) /(H291)
  • BEng Honours/MEng Honours Electrical and Electronic Engineering (H607)/H605)
  • BEng Honours/MEng Honours Electronic Communications (H640)/(H621)
  • BEng Honours/MEng Honours Electronic Engineering (H610)/(H602)
  • BEng Honours/MEng Honours Electronics and Computer Engineering (H652/(H654)
  • BEng Honours/MEng Honours Materials and Process Engineering (HJ85) (HJ8M)
  • BEng Honours/MEng Honours Mechanical Engineering (H300)/(H301)
  • BSc Honours Marine Technology
  • Diploma Structural Engineering
  • Diploma Structural Engineering and Construction Management
  • Graduate Diploma Chemical and Process Engineering
  • INTO Foundation in Physical Sciences & Engineering
  • MEng Honours Bioprocess Engineering (H831)
  • MEng Honours Intensified Processing (H833)
  • MEng Honours Mechanical and Automotive Engineering (H390)
  • MEng Honours Mechanical and Design Engineering (HH31)
  • MEng Honours Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (HH37)
  • MEng Honours Mechanical and Materials Engineering (HJ3M)
  • MEng Honours Mechanical and Railway Engineering (H391)
  • MEng Honours Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics (HH36)
  • MEng Honours Mechanical Engineering Programme Options
  • MEng Honours Mechanical Engineering with Management (H3N2)
  • MEng Honours Mechanical Engineering with Mathematical Modelling (H3G1)
  • MEng Honours Process Control (H830)
  • MEng Honours Sustainable Engineering (HH82)
  • MEng Honours/ BEng Honours Marine Engineering (H501)/(H504)
  • MEng Honours/BEng Honours Naval Architecture (H503)/(H502)
  • MEng Honours/BEng Honours Offshore Engineering (H356)/(H355)
  • MEng Honours/BEng Honours Small Craft Technology (H524)/(H520)
  • MEng Programme/MEng Honours Chemical Engineering
  • MSc Naval Architecture

General Courses

  • MA Applied Linguistic Research


  • Diploma Dental Hygiene and Therapy
  • Doctor of (DClinPsychol) Clinical Psychology
  • Graduate Diploma and Certificate Psychology
  • MA History of Medicine
  • MB BS Honours Medicine and Surgery (A106)
  • MB BS Honours Medicine and Surgery (Accelerated Programme) (A101)


  • BA Honours Ancient History (V110)
  • BA Honours Ancient History and Archaeology (VV14)
  • BA Honours Archaeology and History (VV41)
  • BA Honours French and Politics (LR21)
  • BA Honours Geography and Planning (LK74)
  • BA Honours German and Politics (LR22)
  • BA Honours History (V100)
  • BA Honours Philosophical Studies: Knowledge and Human Interests (V000)
  • BA Honours Politics (L200)
  • BA Honours Politics and Economics (LL21)
  • BA Honours Politics and History (VL12)
  • BA Honours Politics and Sociology (LL32)
  • BA Honours Spanish and Politics (LR24)
  • INTO Foundation in Humanities and Social Sciences
  • MA Ancient History
  • MA and Diploma International Film: History, Theory and Practice
  • MA British History
  • MA Cross-Cultural Communication and International Management MA
  • MA Cross-Cultural Communication and International Relations
  • MA History of the Americas
  • MA Human Geography Research
  • MA Human Resource Management
  • MA International Financial Analysis
  • MA International Human Resource Management
  • MA International Political Economy
  • MA International Studies
  • MA Politics (Research)
  • MRes Regional History


  • BA Honours Law with French (M1R1)
  • LLM Environmental Law and Policy
  • LLM Environmental Law and Policy (Research)
  • LLM International Commercial Law
  • LLM International Legal Studies
  • LLM International Trade Law
  • LLM Research Methods in Law


  • Postgraduate Diploma Professional Practice and Management

Media & Communication

  • MA Media and Journalism


  • BA Honours Archaeology (V400)
  • BA Honours Classical Studies (Q810)
  • BA Honours Classics (Q800)
  • BA Honours Combined Studies (Y001)
  • BA Honours French (R120)
  • BA Honours German (R220)
  • BA Honours Government and European Union Studies (L241)
  • BA Honours Linguistics (Q100)
  • BA Honours Linguistics with Chinese or Japanese (Q1T4)
  • BA Honours Linguistics with French (Q1R1)
  • BA Honours Linguistics with German (Q1R2)
  • BA Honours Linguistics with Spanish (Q1R4)
  • BA Honours Modern Languages (T900)
  • BA Honours Modern Languages and Linguistics (QT19)
  • BA Honours Modern Languages with Management Studies (R9N2)
  • BA Honours Sociology (L300)
  • BA Honours Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies (RT47)
  • BA Honours Town Planning (K400)
  • BDS Honours Dental Surgery (A206)
  • BMus Honours Folk and Traditional Music (W340)
  • BMus Honours Popular and Contemporary Music (W301)
  • Certificate Museum Studies
  • Diploma Conscious Sedation in Dentistry
  • Diploma Therapeutics
  • Diploma Town Planning
  • Graduate Diploma Translating
  • MA and Diploma Applied Policy Research
  • MA and Diploma Art Museum and Gallery Studies
  • MA and Diploma Gender Research
  • MA and Diploma Museum Studies
  • MA and Diploma Music
  • MA and Diploma Sociology and Social Research
  • MA and Diploma Urban Design
  • MA Applied Linguistics and TESOL
  • MA Archaeological Practice
  • MA Art Museum and Gallery Education
  • MA Byzantine Archaeology and Text
  • MA Classics
  • MA Creative Writing
  • MA Cross-Cultural Communication and Applied Linguistics
  • MA European Union Studies
  • MA Greek and Roman Archaeology
  • MA Heritage Management
  • MA Interpreting
  • MA Landscape Archaeology and GIS
  • MA Linguistics and Language Acquisition
  • MA Literary Studies: Writing, Memory, Culture
  • MA Modern and Contemporary Studies
  • MA Planning and Environment Research
  • MA Professional Translating for European Languages
  • MA Regional Development
  • MA Regional Development (Research)
  • MA Translating
  • MA Translating and Interpreting
  • MA Translation Studies
  • MGPrac Art Museum and Gallery Practice
  • MHPrac Heritage Practice
  • MMPrac Museum Practice
  • MMus and Diploma Music
  • MPA, Postgraduate Diploma, Postgraduate Certificate Public Administration (Educational Leadership and Management)
  • MRes Applied Linguistics
  • MRes Technology in the Marine Environment
  • Postgraduate Certificate Creative Writing
  • Postgraduate Certificate European Spatial Planning
  • Postgraduate Certificates Urban Design
  • Postgraduate Diploma Architectural Practice and Management
  • Postgraduate Diploma Spatial Planning


  • BA Honours/ BSc Honours Geography (L701)/(F800)
  • BSc Honours (with Foundation Year) BSc Honours Mathematical Sciences (G101)
  • BSc Honours (with Foundation Year)/ BSc Honours Computing Science (G402)
  • BSc Honours Accounting and Computing Science (NG4K)
  • BSc Honours Accounting and Information Systems (NG55)
  • BSc Honours Accounting and Mathematics (NG41)
  • BSc Honours Agriculture (deferred choice) (D400)
  • BSc Honours Agronomy (D444)
  • BSc Honours Animal Production Science (D422)
  • BSc Honours Animal Science (Companion Animal Studies) (D300)
  • BSc Honours Animal Science (Deferred choice) (C305)
  • BSc Honours Animal Science (Livestock Technology) (D320)
  • BSc Honours Applied Biology (C110)
  • BSc Honours Applied Biology (with Placement Year) (C111)
  • BSc Honours Biochemistry (C700)
  • BSc Honours Biochemistry with Immunology (C7C5)
  • BSc Honours Biological Sciences (Deferred Choice) (C101)
  • BSc Honours Biology (C100)
  • BSc Honours Biology and Chemistry (CF11)
  • BSc Honours Biology and Psychology (CC18)
  • BSc Honours Biology with Foundation Year (C102)
  • BSc Honours Biomedical Sciences (B940)
  • BSc Honours Biotechnology (C7C9)
  • BSc Honours Chemistry with Management (F1N2)
  • BSc Honours Computing Science (Distributed Systems) (G420)
  • BSc Honours Computing Science (G400)
  • BSc Honours Computing Science (Games and Virtual Environments) (G450)
  • BSc Honours Computing Science (Software Engineering) (G600)
  • BSc Honours Computing Science and Economics (GL4C)
  • BSc Honours Computing Science and Mathematics (GG41)
  • BSc Honours Computing Science and Statistics (GG34)
  • BSc Honours Countryside Management (D455)
  • BSc Honours Economics and Information Systems (GL51)
  • BSc Honours Economics and Mathematics (GL11)
  • BSc Honours Economics and Statistics (GL31)
  • BSc Honours Environmental Science (F850)
  • BSc Honours Financial Mathematics (GN13)
  • BSc Honours Financial Mathematics with Management (G1NF)
  • BSc Honours Food and Human Nutrition (B4D6)
  • BSc Honours Genetics (C400)
  • BSc Honours Geographic Information Science (F862)
  • BSc Honours Geography and Mathematics (GF18)
  • BSc Honours Geography and Statistics (GF38)
  • BSc Honours Human Genetics (C410)
  • BSc Honours Information Systems (G500)
  • BSc Honours Information Systems and Statistics (GG35)
  • BSc Honours Information Systems with Accounting (G5N4)
  • BSc Honours Information Systems with Management (G5N2)
  • BSc Honours Marine Biology (C161)
  • BSc Honours Marine Environmental Engineering (HH23)
  • BSc Honours Marketing (N500)
  • BSc Honours Mathematical Sciences (Deferred Choice) (G140)
  • BSc Honours Mathematics and Psychology (CG81)
  • BSc Honours Mathematics with Management (G1N2)
  • BSc Honours Medical Microbiology and Immunology (CC59)
  • BSc Honours Natural Sciences (GFC0)
  • BSc Honours Organic Food Production (D410)
  • BSc Honours Pharmacology (B210)
  • BSc Honours Physical Geography (FH82)
  • BSc Honours Physiological Sciences (B100)
  • BSc Honours Psychology (C800)
  • BSc Honours Psychology and Statistics (CG83)
  • BSc Honours Rural Resource Management (D453)
  • BSc Honours Rural Studies (D452)
  • BSc Honours Speech and Language Sciences (B620)
  • BSc Honours Statistics (G300)
  • BSc Honours Statistics with Management (G3N2)
  • BSc Honours Surveying and Mapping Science (H244)
  • BSc Honours Zoology (C300)
  • BSc Honours/MChem Honours Chemistry (F100)/(F103)
  • BSc Honours/MChem Honours Chemistry (with Industrial Training Year) (F102)/ (F106)
  • BSc Honours/MChem Honours Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry (F151)/(F123)
  • BSc Honours/MChem Honours Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry (with Industrial Training Year) (F122)/(F124)
  • BSc Honours/MMath Honours Mathematics (G100)/ (G103)
  • MChem Honours Chemistry with Study in Europe (F107)
  • MChem Honours Chemistry with Study in North America (F105)
  • MChem Honours/BSc Honours Chemistry (with Foundation Year) (F101)/ (F104)
  • MMathStat Honours/BSc Honours Mathematics and Statistics (GG13)/(GGC3)
  • MRes Bioinformatics
  • MRes Medical and Molecular Biosciences (with additional options of specialist strands in: Cancer Research, Gerontology, Immunobiology, Nanomedicine, Neuroscience, Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine, Systems Biology)
  • MSc and Certificate Marine Technology
  • MSc and Diploma Agricultural and Environmental Science
  • MSc and Diploma Applied Hydrogeology (Flexible Learning)
  • MSc and Diploma Applied Process Control
  • MSc and Diploma Biodiversity, Conservation and Ecotourism
  • MSc and Diploma Clean Technology
  • MSc and Diploma Computing Science
  • MSc and Diploma Environmental Biogeochemistry
  • MSc and Diploma Environmental Consultancy
  • MSc and Diploma Environmental Engineering
  • MSc and Diploma Environmental Resource Assessment
  • MSc and Diploma Flood Risk Management
  • MSc and Diploma Geotechnical Engineering
  • MSc and Diploma Hydroinformatics
  • MSc and Diploma Hydroinformatics and Water Management (Euro Aquae)
  • MSc and Diploma Industrial and Commercial Biotechnology
  • MSc and Diploma Integrated Pest Management
  • MSc and Diploma Petroleum Geochemistry
  • MSc and Diploma Power Electronics, Machines and Drives
  • MSc and Diploma Process Analytics and Quality Technology
  • MSc and Diploma Process Automation
  • MSc and Diploma Scientific Enterprise
  • MSc and Diploma Social Science and Health Research
  • MSc and Diploma Sustainable Chemical Engineering
  • MSc and Diploma Sustainable Land Management and Rural Development
  • MSc and Diploma Sustainable Management of the Water Environment Residential and Flexible Learning
  • MSc and Diploma Transport Engineering and Operations
  • MSc and Diploma Transportation Planning and Policy
  • MSc and Diploma Tropical Coastal Management
  • MSc and Diploma Wildlife Conservation and Management
  • MSc Automation and Control
  • MSc Chemical Methodology and Design
  • MSc Communications and Signal Processing
  • MSc Computer Security and Resilience
  • MSc Drug Chemistry
  • MSc Drug Chemistry with English
  • MSc Educational Psychology
  • MSc Electrical Power
  • MSc Engineering Geology
  • MSc Engineering Geology with Consultancy Skills
  • MSc Environmental Biogeochemistry with Consultancy Skills
  • MSc Geoscience of Subsurface Exploration Appraisal and Development (GeoSEAD)
  • MSc Geotechnical Engineering with Consultancy Skills
  • MSc Human Communication Sciences
  • MSc Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise Management
  • MSc International Agricultural and Food Marketing
  • MSc International Marketing
  • MSc Language Pathology
  • MSc Major Project Management
  • MSc Marine and Offshore Power Systems
  • MSc Marine Electrical Power Technology
  • MSc Marine Engineering
  • MSc Marine Structures and Integrity
  • MSc Marine Transport with Management
  • MSc Materials Design and Engineering
  • MSc Mathematical Modelling in Engineering and Industry
  • MSc Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc Mechanical Engineering with English
  • MSc Mechanical Properties of Solids
  • MSc Mechatronics
  • MSc Medical Genetics
  • MSc Microelectronics
  • MSc Mobile and Pervasive Computing
  • MSc Offshore and Environmental Technology
  • MSc Offshore Engineering
  • MSc Orthodontics
  • MSc Pipeline Engineering
  • MSc Restorative Dentistry
  • MSc Rural Development and Resource Management
  • MSc Rural Social Science Research
  • MSc Structural Engineering
  • MSc Structural Engineering and Construction Management
  • MSc System Design for Internet Applications
  • MSc Town Planning
  • MSc, Diploma and Certificate Power Distribution Engineering
  • MSc, Diploma, Certificate, Certificate (Rolls-Royce plc) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) modules Marine Technology (Masters Training Package)
  • MSc, Postgraduate Diploma Oncology and Palliative Care, Postgraduate Certificate Cancer Studies
  • MSc, Postgraduate Diploma, Postgraduate Certificate and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) modules Marine Technology (International)
  • MSc, Postgraduate Diploma, Postgraduate Certificate Health Sciences
  • MSc, Postgraduate Diploma, Postgraduate Certificate, and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) modules Renewable Energy Flexible Training Programme (REFLEX)
  • MSci Honours Biomedical Sciences (Integrated Masters) (B900)


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UK Education offers independent thinking, give you the freedom to develop your ideas, make discoveries and develop real skills that employers are looking for. UK has produced more than 100 Nobel Prize winners, a testimonial that UK graduates are at the forefront of the creative and research industries  With many renowned ancient Universities such Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh, UK is one of the most popular destination for further education for students all over the world.

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