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The University of New England, located in New South Wales, was the first Australian university established outside a capital city. With a history extending back to the 1920s, UNE has has a well-earned reputation as one of Australia's great teaching, training and research universities. 
Its graduates consistently rate their experience at UNE highly, a reflection of the University's commitment to student support. More than 75,000 people now hold UNE qualifications, with many in senior positions in Australia and overseas. UNE has built up its academic profile to the point where it now has more than 500 PhD candidates, an important sign of the University's academic vigour.

Students from more than 50 nations study on-campus, providing a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Most live in residential colleges. The campus is well equipped with its own child-care, medical and dental facilities, a post office, credit union, shops and restaurant, as well as a gymnasium and heated swimming pool. A regular bus service links the campus to town.

The university offers both on-campus and distance learning courses. Since 1955, teaching off-campus students by distance education has been an important part of the University's activities. UNE is now Australia's longest continuous provider of distance education and with more than 15,000 external students, is still one of Australia's major providers of awards to off-campus students. Increasingly, the flexibility offered by external study is proving a significant attraction to those pursuing a tertiary education.

The University is located in Armidale, positioned roughly half-way between Sydney and Brisbane. It is ideally placed between the metropolitan capitals. With an easy-going and unpolluted lifestyle, it is also the ideal place to live while you study.

Armidale is also well served in education, not only by the University but also at secondary level, with excellent State high schools as well as several prominent private schools. Transport links to Armidale are excellent, with two airlines operating daily flights from Sydney and another from Brisbane, as well as connecting and charter flights available to other centres, including the coast. The rail line provides fast train connections to Sydney; and several major bus companies operate regular services from Armidale to Sydney and Brisbane. The New England Highway, National Route No 1, is an excellent roadway providing a good link for motorists between Brisbane and Sydney.


The University of New England has undergone two major changes since 1989. The University of New England Act, 1989, created a network University consisting of: (i) a campus at Armidale, incorporating the former University of New England and the former Armidale College of Advanced Education; and (ii) a campus at Lismore, incorporating the former Northern Rivers College of Advanced Education. The following year the Orange Agricultural College joined the network University. The network also included the UNE-Coffs Harbour Centre, which provided courses from within academic departments of the Armidale and Lismore campuses.

The University of New England was originally formed in 1938 as the New England University College, a College of the University of Sydney. It became fully independent in 1954.
The University of New England has, since 1989, included the former Armidale College of Advanced Education, which was amalgamated with the Armidale campus at the time of the creation of the network University. This process of amalgamation was complete by the time of the new legislation in 1993, and the dismantling of the network University had no effect on its status.

The College of Advanced Education began life in 1928 as the Armidale Teachers College and became the Armidale College of Advanced Education in 1974, prior to amalgamation with the Armidale campus of the University of New England in 1989. 
A Spirit of True Learning tells the story of the University of New England from its birth in 1938 as New England University College (NEUC) as an affiliate college of Sydney University through to its development of a distinctive academic tradition and autonomy in 1954 and finally its vision for the future as UNE celebrates 50 years of excellence.


Founded in 1926, DETC promotes sound educational standards and ethical business practices in distance education. Its Accrediting Commission was established in 1955 to identify and accredit distance education and training institutions that meet the high academic and business standards required.

DETC accreditation guarantees that The University of New England provides the quality of education it claims to offer, that it operates on a sound financial basis, offers approved programs of study, follows recruitment and admissions policies that meet set standards and has qualified teaching staff, as well as adequate equipment and facilities.

The DETC Accrediting Commission is listed by the US Department of Education as a nationally recognised accrediting agency and is a member of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

Courses Available


  • Advanced Diploma in Arts (AdvDipArts)
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  • Bachelor of Arts with Honours (BA(Hons))
  • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws (BA/LLB)
  • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching (BA/BTeach)
  • Bachelor of Music with Honours (BMus(Hons))
  • Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Teaching (BMus/BTeach)
  • Graduate Certificate in Arts(GradCertArts)
  • Graduate Certificate in World Music (GradCertWrldMus)
  • Master of Arts (Applied Linguistics) (MA(AppLing))
  • Master of Arts (MA)


  • Bachelor of Agribusiness (BAgBus)
  • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business (BA/BBus)
  • Bachelor of Business (BBus)
  • Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Economics (BBus/BEc)
  • Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Laws (BBus/LLB)
  • Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Teaching (BBus/BTeach)
  • Bachelor of Languages and International Business (BLangIntBus)
  • Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting (GCPA)
  • Graduate Diploma in Business Studies (GradDipBusStud)
  • Graduate Diploma in International Business
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of International Business (MIntBus)


  • Bachelor of Education (Administrative Leadership) (BEd)
  • Bachelor of Education (Adult Education) (BEd(AE))
  • Bachelor of Education (BEd)
  • Bachelor of Education (Educational Management) (BEd)
  • Bachelor of Education (Information and Communication Technology Education) (BEd)
  • Bachelor of Education (Physical Education) (BEd)
  • Bachelor of Education (Primary) (BEd)
  • Bachelor of Education with Honours (BEd(Hons))
  • Bachelor of General Studies/Bachelor of Teaching (BGenStuds/BTeach)
  • Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) (BTeach(ECE))
  • Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) (BTeach)
  • Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) (BTeach)
  • Graduate Certificate in Adult Education (GradCertAdEd)
  • Graduate Certificate in Education Studies (GradCertEdStud)
  • Graduate Certificate in Educational Management (GradCertEdMgmt)
  • Graduate Certificate in Gifted and Talented Education (GradCertGift&TalEd)
  • Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (GradCertHighEd)
  • Graduate Diploma in Adult Education (GradDipAdEd)
  • Graduate Diploma in Education (GradDipEd)
  • Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies (TESOL) (Grad Dip EdSt)
  • Master of Education (MEd)
  • Master of Educational Administration (MEdAdmin)


  • Bachelor of Engineering Technology (BEngTech)
  • Bachelor of Natural Resources/Bachelor of Engineering (BNatRes/BE)


  • Bachelor of Health, Ageing and Community Services (BHACS)
  • Bachelor of Nursing (BNurs)
  • Bachelor of Nursing Studies (BNursSt)
  • Bachelor of Nursing with Honours (BNurs(Hons))
  • Bachelor of Psychology with Honours (BPsych(Hons))
  • Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Psychology) (Continuing Students Only)
  • Graduate Certificate in Health Management (GradCertHM)
  • Graduate Certificate in Mental Health Nursing (GradCertMHNurs)
  • Graduate Diploma in Health Management (GradDipHM)
  • Master of Health Management (MHM)
  • Master of Nursing (MNurs)
  • Master of Psychology (MPsych) (Clinical)


  • Master of Hospitality and Tourism Management (MHTM)


  • Advanced Diploma in Local, Family and Applied History (AdvDipLocFamAppHist)
  • Bachelor of International Studies (BIntSt)
  • Graduate Diploma in Humanities (GradDipHumanities)
  • Graduate Diploma in Local, Family and Applied History (GradDipLocFamAppHist)

Information Technology

  • Bachelor of Information Technology (BInfoTech)
  • Bachelor of Information Technology/Bachelor of Teaching (BInfoTech/BTeach)
  • Graduate Certificate in Information Technology (GradCertInfoTech)
  • Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (GradDipInfoTech)
  • Master of Computer Studies (MCompStud)
  • Master of Information Systems (MInfoSys)
  • Master of Information Systems with Honours (MInfoSys(Hons))
  • Master of Information Technology (MInfoTech)
  • Master of Information Technology with Honours (MInfoTech(Hons))


  • Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of Laws (BEc/LLB)
  • Bachelor of Financial Administration/Bachelor of Laws (BFinAdmin/LLB)
  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB) - Double Degrees
  • Bachelor of Laws (non graduate entry)
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Studies (GradDipLegStuds)
  • Master of Laws (LLM)


  • Advanced Diploma in Agriculture (AdvDipAgr)
  • Bachelor of Administrative Leadership (BAdminLead)
  • Bachelor of Agricultural and Resource Economics (BAgResEc)
  • Bachelor of Agriculture (BAgr)
  • Bachelor of Communication Studies (BCommunication)
  • Bachelor of Economics (BEc)
  • Bachelor of Financial Administration (BFinAdmin)
  • Bachelor of Languages (BLang)
  • Bachelor of Natural Resources (BNatRes)
  • Bachelor of Professional Studies (BProfSt)
  • Bachelor of Technology (BTech)
  • Bachelor of Training and Development (BTrngDev)
  • Diploma in Aboriginal Family and Community Counselling (DipAFCC)
  • Diploma in Agriculture (DipAgr)
  • Diploma in Indigenous Archaeology (DipIndArch)
  • Diploma in Modern Languages (DipModLang)
  • Diploma of Commerce (DipCom)
  • Graduate Certificate in Behaviour Management (GradCertBehMgt)
  • Graduate Certificate in Counselling (GradCertCouns)
  • Graduate Certificate in Management (GradCertMgt)
  • Graduate Certificate in Natural Resources (GradCertNatRes)
  • Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing (GradCertProfWriting)
  • Graduate Certificate in Resource Governance (GradCertResGov)
  • Graduate Certificate in TESOL (GradCertTESOL)
  • Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Economics (GradDipAgEc)
  • Graduate Diploma in Counselling (GradDipCouns)
  • Graduate Diploma in Econometrics (GradDipEconometrics)
  • Graduate Diploma in Economics (GradDipEc)
  • Graduate Diploma in Financial Management (GradDipFinMgt)
  • Graduate Diploma in Gerontology (GradDipGerontology)
  • Graduate Diploma in Management (GradDipMgt)
  • Graduate Diploma in Natural Resources (GradDipNatRes)
  • Master of Administrative Leadership (MAdminLead)
  • Master of Agriculture (MAgr)
  • Master of Commerce (MCom)
  • Master of Counselling (MCouns)
  • Master of Economic Studies (MEcSt)
  • Master of Environmental Management (MEnvMgt)
  • Master of Natural Resources (MNatRes)
  • Master of Professional Studies (MPS)
  • Master of Training and Development (MTrngDev)


  • Advanced Diploma in The Sciences (AdvDipSc)
  • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science (BA/BSc)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (BCompSc)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science with Honours (BCompSc(Hons))
  • Bachelor of Computer Science/Bachelor of Laws (BCompSc/LLB)
  • Bachelor of Environmental Science with Honours (BEnvSc (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Environmental Science/Bachelor of Laws (BEnvSc/LLB)
  • Bachelor of Health Science (BHSc)
  • Bachelor of Health Science with Honours (BHSc(Hons))
  • Bachelor of Livestock Science (BLivestockSc)
  • Bachelor of Mathematics/Bachelor of Teaching (BMath/BTeach)
  • Bachelor of Rural Science (BRurSc)
  • Bachelor of Science (Advanced) (BSc(Adv))
  • Bachelor of Science (Advanced) with Honours (BSc(Adv)(Hons))
  • Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science)
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc)
  • Bachelor of Science (Marine Science and Management)(BSc)
  • Bachelor of Science with Honours (BSc(Hons))
  • Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Teaching (BSc/BTeach)
  • Bachelor of Social Science (BSocSc)
  • Bachelor of Social Science with Honours (BSocSc (Hons))
  • Diploma in The Sciences (DipSc)
  • Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science (GradCertGISc)
  • Graduate Certificate in Marine Science and Management (GradCertMSM)
  • Graduate Certificate in Rural Science (GradCertRurSc)
  • Graduate Diploma in Computer Science (GradDipCompSc)
  • Graduate Diploma in Geographic Information Science (GradDipGISc)
  • Graduate Diploma in Health Science (Herbal Medicine) (GradDipHlthSc(HerbMed))
  • Graduate Diploma in Marine Science and Management (GradDipMSM)
  • Graduate Diploma in Rural Science (GradDipRurSc)
  • Graduate Diploma in Science (GradDipSc)
  • Graduate Diploma in Social Science (GradDipSocSc)
  • Master of Geographic Information Science (MGISc)
  • Master of Health Science (Gerontology) (MHSc)
  • Master of Health Science (Herbal Medicine) (MHSc (HerbMed))
  • Master of Marine Science and Management (MMSM)
  • Master of Science in Agriculture (MScAg)
  • Master of Scientific Studies (MScStud)
  • Professional Doctorate in Science (ProfD)

Urban Planning

  • Bachelor of Natural Resources/Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning (BNatRes/BUrbRegPlan)
  • Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning (BUrbRegPlan)
  • Diploma in Town Planning (DipTownPlan)
  • Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning (GradDipUrbRegPlan)


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Australia is a continent situated between the Indian and Pacific Ocean. It is a land endowed with mountain ranges, vast grazing plains, tropical forests, barren deserts, golden and sandy beaches, treacherous rocks and coral reefs. Australia's spectacular natural environment attracts millions of tourists every year.

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